Take control of your revenue with ChartPathRCM.

Improve financial operations and gain insights into your most important business metrics.

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Gain control of your revenue.

You know post-acute care and we know RCM. Put ChartPathRCM to work to provide you the insights you need to better manage your billing.

ChartPath’s platform easily adapts to changing reimbursement models to ensure your billing will meet the demands of diverse specialties.

ChartPath is more than an EHR.

We've spent over twenty years learning the ins and outs of getting doctors paid quickly and efficiently. Our goal is simple: make sure you have more money in the bank without the headache of dealing with billing issues. We stick with you every step of the way, making sure that from the moment you send us a bill until the time you get paid, we're keeping things moving smoothly. We work hard to get your payments to you fast, cut down on billing errors, and help you keep a steady cash flow.


LTPAC Focused

We know the long-term and post-acute care space like the back of our hands. That means when it comes to compliant and efficient reimbursements, we know what's best for your practice.


Actionable Analytics

With real-time data insights, inform and act on key business decisions using reporting tools within ChartPathRCM.


Improve Efficiency

With customized reporting, automation, and integrated clearinghouse, break down inefficiencies across your business to optimize performance and revenue opportunities.


Credentialing & Contracting

A professional, accurate and efficient contracting process is imperative to efficient medical billing and revenue cycle management.


Practice Management

ChartPath applies its best-in-class industry knowledge and experience to help build successful practices.



In order to maximize your return for your hard work, it’s important to make sure your procedures are coded properly.

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