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ChartPath is the most efficient EHR for physicians and nurse practitioners who round on patients in SNF and other long term post acute care environments

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Chartpath is an EHR built specifically for physician practices who round on patients in SNF and other LTPAC environments. Our single page encounter template and the best clinical decision support 'engine' makes it easy to capture high quality data, code and bill -- and you can do this across multiple facilities without logging into multiple systems. Custom reporting gives practice admins the tools you need to measure and grow the practice.

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About ChartPath

Since 2012, ChartPath has been empowering long-term and post-acute care (LTPAC) practices. Based in Austin TX, we serve medical practices, who serve the patients that need them most. 

Our intuitive software is easy to use and is underpinned by world-class 24/7 support. Driven by a vision to improve the lives of those experiencing LTPAC, ChartPath’s top priority is to maximize practice efficiency and profitability by reducing the time and energy clinicians spend on technology and process, giving clinicians more time to focus on care.

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“We were looking for an EHR that understood our place and was easy for our providers to use. Enter ChartPath.”

- Mike Paek, COO of Eventus WholeHealth